Fully Unlocked FIFA 14 v1.3.6 Apk + Obb Data [No Root] Download, Install And Play

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Free download EA Sport Android FIFA 14 fully unlocked fifa 14 mod has been the best Android football HD game so far due to its HD graphics, realness, offline feature to enjoy manager mode and other features to mention. Ever since EA Sport introduced FIFA 15 & 16 which is an Online gameplay came into existence and you will agree with me its not everyone that likes online gameplay that requires internet connection, unlocking FIFA 14 the Lucky patcher and Freedom method has been a very difficult task thereby making lovers of FIFA 14 to search for reliable methods to unlock it.

unlocked fifa 14
fully unlocked fifa 14 v1.3.6 apk mod + data

Fully unlocked FIFA 14 apk and obb data which needs no root or whatsoever to enjoy game full features is here for your you. The game us fully unlocked, tested and trusted by many who have downloaded and then give thanks afterwards

Download Grand Theft Auto 5 Apk + Obb

This mod version 1.3.6 is smooth and clean with no black screen all you have to do is download, install and place obb and data file in its right place, launch game and enjoy without any issues.


Featuring 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. From the English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond. March toward glory in 34 authentic stadiums. Plus, for the first time on mobile, listen to commentaries in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish! To download commentaries enter the CUSTOMIZE menu, then click the AUDIO tile for options.


EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day lets you follow the heartbeat of your favorite club. Play along with real-world fixtures from top leagues. Every injury, suspension, and change in team form is reflected in-game – keeping you connected wherever you are!


Featuring a killer soundtrack with the hottest artists, from Empire of the Sun to Vampire Weekend. It’s an epic playlist only FIFA can bring you!

What’s In Fifa 14 v1.3.6 Mod apk + obb data?

  • Fully unlocked
  • No black screen
  • No delay
  • English commentary


1.  Download fully unlocked FIFA 14 v1.3.6 Mod apk.
2.  Download Mod data/ obb files and extract.
3.  Now move extracted data file folder (com.ea.game.fifa14_row) to internal storage/ Android/  Data

4.  Also move extracted obb files folder (com.ea.game.fifa14_row) to internal storage/ Android/ Obb

5.  Turn on and turn off your Wi-Fi which is always needed to run FIFA 14.
6.  Finally, launch Android FIFA 14 and enjoy full features including games of the week

Like i said, rooting and using lucky patcher is not needed, just download the given apk and needed files and you are good to go.

NOTE: Downloading apk from another source to use with given data & obb file from this blog will not unlock game. Download all needed files from this blog. ThAnks

Download Fully Unlocked Fifia 14 Mod apk + data + obb

Fully Unlock FIFA 14 v1.3.6 Mod Apk [16MB] – Link Updated
Unlocked Data file – including english commentary [465MB]
Fifa 14 v1.3.6 Obb file [1.08GB] – Link updated

Download, install and engoy… Your comments and feedbacks will be appreciated. Please share this article with your friends. Dont forget to hit the share buttons

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  1. Onyeka Okwu says

    Plz help me not downloading

    1. admin says

      Download link is working, uploaded to google drive. try downloading

      1. Aser says

        please tell me the decryption key to download the obb

        1. admin says

          Download and install “advanced downloader for mega” apk app and then copy the file download link and paste in the app and your download will begin

          1. Zeeshan says

            Advance downloader for mega is not working

          2. admin says

            You are not doing it righ

          3. Aris shrestha says

            It says link not found

          4. dark horse says

            which download link should be copied to download obb file from advanced downloader???

          5. admin says

            The one uploaded to mega asking for decryption

    2. Brilliant Smith says

      working on version 6.0 marshmallow??

    3. admin says

      Yes dear. Works also on custom rom. Currently running on on my redmi note 3 pro snapdragon 650 on resurrection remix custom rom based on Android 6. Also tried it on Android 7, its working

    4. Brilliant Smith says

      its working perfectly.
      just downloaded it on my android 6.0.
      thanks alot bro

    5. admin says

      Thanks Brilliant for your comment. Enjoy bro

  2. Onyeka Okwu says

    Plz help me which uc u use and download your own

    1. admin says

      Uc browser

    2. anil bhusal says

      Bro downloading links r dead… what to do now tell..

  3. Onyeka Okwu says

    Cuscus ROM 5.1.1 I think it we work ba

    1. admin says

      Works on custom roms too

  4. Onyeka Okwu says

    My batman not working hw do fix it

    1. admin says

      Which of the batman game? Is it the batman telltale series version or normal batman

  5. Fehmiey Seun says

    The download link is not showing oh guy

  6. Fehmiey Seun says

    The download link is not showing or working

    1. admin says

      Download link is 100% working. Click on file to download from article above and wait for 5 seconds and then skip ad and download your file

  7. Onyeka Okwu says

    D batman is telling me not supported we my divice y na

    1. admin says

      Which of the batman game?

  8. Onyeka Okwu says

    Telltalegames batman

    1. admin says

      which Android phone are you using?

      NOTE, if your phone OpenGL is not upto 3.1, batman telltale series will not play smoothly, it will lag alot

    2. Onyeka Okwu says

      Techno h6 version 5 .1.1

    3. Onyeka Okwu says

      Techno h6 version 5.1.1

    4. admin says

      Don't bother stressing yourself. Tecno H6 does not meet the requirement of Batman telltale series

  9. Brilliant Smith says

    use uc browser or PHX browser.
    wait for 5 seconds and skip ads then download.
    if ur uc is not working then use PHX browser

    1. admin says

      Thanks Brilliant

  10. Onyeka Okwu says


  11. Sabien Thapa says

    Can you provide Pes. 2017 ???

  12. Anonymous says

    Is it ready fully unlocked?

  13. Unknown says

    thank you soo much is working great

    1. admin says

      Thanks for your comment.. Enjoy bro

  14. Hamza Khan says

    It shows a black screen and says something like resources failed to download because you might not have paid….. What to do ?

    1. admin says

      It will show black screen if you did not place required files in the right place. place data folder in internal storage as below

      Internal storage/ Android/ Data and place obb folder in internal storage / Android/ obb

      1. simon says

        thank you for helping, bro. do you had a channel on YouTube? we gotta subsc. thankd

        1. admin says

          You’re welcome Simon… No I don’t have YouTube channel

      2. simon says

        when we have to turn on/ turn off Wi-Fi or data cellular while installing?

        1. simon says

          thank you so much. its working…FINALLY…

          1. admin says

            Thanks for your comment, Enjoy

  15. Shakib Jubayer says

    how to setup the game ????

    1. admin says

      Setup is included in the article

  16. Ahmad Hassan says

    i installed the game .. it runs pefectly …. but when finally i start a match it craches … i mean its working but the match or penalty doesnot start .. it crashes

    1. admin says

      which android os? if it crash, turn on wifi and turn it off before launching game

    2. Ahmad Hassan says

      i tried everything .. downloading different versions of apks .. maybe the obb is not extracted properly .. thats y it crashes while loading a match .. i will download all data again and then contact if prob arises again . and my android verison is 5.1.1

    3. admin says

      Ok. but the files were uploaded properly. i made sure of that. what im using is what i uploaded and do far its still working for me and friends

  17. Ahmad Hassan says

    thanx .. now it is working fine !!!??

    1. admin says

      thanks Ahmad and thanks for your patience. also thanks for taking a minute to drop comments. Enjoy

  18. abdullah shahid says

    how to add commentary file in data folder?

    1. admin says

      download data and extract it. copy folder inside and place in internal storage/ Android/ Data

  19. Anonymous says

    Million thanks
    after almost 6+++ month of searching & after other version of mod i used failed: auto delete save game & also after so much download of fake version. Finally you really make a real working mod flawlessly without much step of do & don't'

    Just follow instructions, install & play. Everything unlocked
    Just small advise, DO NOT GO ONLINE because even go online, ea sport might have closed their server for FIFA 14 & FIFA 15



    1. admin says

      Thanks bro for your honest comment and thanks for visiting us. Enjoy your game, friend

  20. Anonymous says

    Its sad I just wasted my data

    1. admin says

      What happened

  21. Anonymous says

    I use techno L8 and I followed all instructions its showing black screen and say resources error or something and I didn't pay for the app

    I really need help I must play this gane

    1. admin says

      Place those files in internal storage, not in sd card.

  22. Rohit y says

    Thanks alot bro !! Game is working awesome ……I suggest everyone to download the game from here it's 100 % working as said above just follow the above steps honestly n u will able to enjoy it !! Thanks again bro !!

    1. admin says

      Thanks Rohit for your honest feedback. Thanks for visiting Techvillaz

    2. Anonymous says

      Admin maybe you should post screenshots of the directions step by step.
      I installed and followed the directions but as i open it, it just shows black screen and closes. Don't know what to do.

  23. Gm Babu says

    I downloaded all files.But i cant play anything without pelanty shotout.What means by turn on and off wifi?I dont understand it.Als I dont use wifi,I use mobile data.Pls anybody help

  24. Gm Babu says

    I downloaded all files.But i cant play anything without pelanty shotout.What means by turn on and off wifi?I dont understand it.Als I dont use wifi,I use mobile data.Pls anybody help

    1. admin says

      That's not possible.. The game is fully unlocked. Ensure you are not using apk from another source

  25. Gm Babu says

    Thank u very much.Its work perpectly.Everyone should download the games from this site.1st time i dont downloaded the obb.for thet i cant play all modes.Now i can play all
    Love you techvillaz

  26. Anonymous says

    What about wildblood… Link not working

  27. Lateef Kunle says

    Tnx bro…itz working fyn..God bless u…bin lukin for this for a while now

  28. Elesaodo Oluwaseun says

    The links are not working, the obb file only downloads a file of 573kb help pls and same with the apk

    1. admin says

      file links are 100% working. ensure you are not using ad blocker on your browser. recommend using uc browser to download or IDM for PC

  29. Elesaodo Oluwaseun says

    It's showing no preview available for apk and obb but not for the commentary

  30. Benzo says

    After all the toiling searches…..this actually works! Thanks!

    1. admin says

      Thanks Benzo for visiting us. enjoy bro

  31. Ade_tayor says

    Where will I place the commentary data… And does it really need wifi/network to unlock

    1. Ade_tayor says

      And how abt the apk itself… I should just leave it where I downloaded it right?

      Only the extracted file should be moved to SDcard data and onb respectively

  32. Anonymous says

    Thanks For this…thought it was all over with Fifa 14 but now found this and re-enjoying this beautiful game after 3 years!

  33. Allison Tosin says

    Really apprieciate it bro thanks mine is working perfectly. Bur one more thing hw to get unlimited money?

    1. admin says

      Still working on that, hopefully it works as expected

  34. Anonymous says

    Is it virus free

    1. admin says

      100% virus free

  35. Munvi Munavir says

    Thank alot its working perfectly thankyou sir good job if you don't mind pls describe about how to import ISL ( Indian super league ) in FIFA 14

  36. Munvi Munavir says

    Pls describe about including other languages commentary

    1. admin says

      To include other languages in commentary, do the following:

      1. Launch fifa 14 game
      2. Goto customize
      3. Select audio
      4. Click on "change" after speech and select any country language of your choice and download its language commentary

  37. Munvi Munavir says

    I know that way you above mentioned but when I do suchlike it is missing English commentary is it possible to set more than one language same time ? Give me your replay if possible give me a complete guide to that thanks for your immediate replay also say something about how to import a new patch in FIFA I have asked you yesterday thanks

  38. Munvi Munavir says

    I know that way you above mentioned but when I do suchlike it is missing English commentary is it possible to set more than one language same time ? Give me your replay if possible give me a complete guide to that thanks for your immediate replay also say something about how to import a new patch in FIFA I have asked you yesterday thanks

  39. Ras Maicon says

    worked perfect! JAH bless

    1. admin says

      Thanks Ras

  40. Munvi Munavir says

    How to include a new patch in FIFA pls help

    1. admin says

      I don't know how to do that one

  41. Munvi Munavir says

    Thanks to your frank mind I asked to you that be cause of you have replayed almost all doubts off viewers thank you for all your help and support

    1. admin says

      Thanks Munvi for your comments

  42. Inyene Bassey says

    Please can you provide this download link for the .obb file in torrent? i would love that

    1. admin says

      what happened to link on the article?

    2. Inyene Bassey says

      i have wasted about 3gb of my mobile data while downloading the .obb file…it will fail or link expired when i have downloaded 987mb or more..so if you can provide a .torrent link that can never expire or fail…i will be glad about that..

  43. Sunday Adeniyi says

    Admin, I swear you are the best… it working perfectly on my Tecno L8 lite -marshmallow.

    Am so happy and grateful after many month or getting fifa on my phone, finally.

    really cool. thanks a bunch.

    1. admin says

      Thanks sunday

  44. Unknown says

    What is the password????. I tried extraction but it requires a password.

    1. admin says

      Password? There's no password on file

      1. Elinam says

        Comment:yes pls I also extract it but I need a password

        1. admin says

          The file doesn’t have password. I personally compressed it without including password. Try http://www.techvilaz.com or techvilaz.com and see if it extracts. Also use pc winrar to try extraction or use android es file explore

          1. Elinam says

            I extracted it, so where should I put the commentary folder

          2. admin says

            Place folder in internal storage/ Android/ data

            Place obb folder in internal storage/ Android/ obb

            Install apk and turn-on your Wi-Fi and off. Then launch unlocked fifa 14 apk and enjoy

          3. Elinam says

            Okay, is working now, thanks for your help. Now the game Will be begging me to stop playing, lol. Haha bye

          4. admin says

            Lol. Fifa 14 android football game is very addictive…enjoy

          5. Elinam says

            Can u send me the link to download gta 5

          6. admin says

            GTA 5 is already on techvillaz

  45. Joli Jason says

    its worked man i love you stuff keep it up….

    1. admin says

      Thanks Joli and please dont forget to share.

  46. Salaudeen Sheriff says

    Bro I downloaded this game on my Itel it1516 plus version 5.1 even after placing all d folders in the correct place both d obb n data
    D FIFA doesn't open
    Whenever I click on it to open it,it closes and shows "unfortunately FIFA 14 has stopped working"

    I've wasted abt 7.5 gig of data on dis game as dis is d reply am always getting

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated

    1. admin says

      After installing the apk file, place data and obb file its right place in internal storage. Turn ON your wifi and launch game and then turn off wifi. It works

    2. Salaudeen Sheriff says

      Same thing bro

      Even tried other versions

  47. Salaudeen Sheriff says

    Its now working bro
    Thanks a trillion
    Keep up d good work man
    You're d best

    1. admin says

      Thanks sheriff for taking the time to drop comment. Enjoy your unlocked fifa14 game

    2. Gabby says

      How did u do it because I faced the same problem

  48. Anonymous says

    Hey. I did as was written in your guide. Installing apk, copying data folder to device storage / android / data, & Obb to device storage/android/obb. (Had to create an obb folder in android as it was not there.). Now the error shows "Download failed because the resources couldn't be found". Please help how to fix this. Mobile is Samsung A7, Android 6.0.1.

  49. John GomeZ says

    thanks.. worked for me. check my blog for More android games

  50. Christopher Effiong says

    After months of searching for offline mod of this game,finally I got it from this site and its working smoothly and perfectly, I'm excited bro now I can play career mode and sign players thanks.

    1. admin says

      Thanks alot chris. Enjoy to the full

  51. Anonymous says

    I have a Moto G2 (2014) with Android 6.o. The game launches but is unresponsive at the screen where we need to accept EA terms and conditions no matter how hard I tap my phone screen.

    1. admin says

      restart your phone and tried again

  52. raymond umo says

    At last! Fully unlocked fifa14….. Chairman na u be boss o….. Thanx a billion! Buh i really wish wild blood links were working. That game is on my mind, pls fix it fam..✌

    1. admin says

      Thanks bro for taking time to come back and drop comment. People like you gives me more reason to keep droping useful stuffs here. I'll check wild blood link

  53. Hope Nosa says

    Thanks admin…. Worked 100% and no black screen and auto delete of the obb. Keep it up

    1. admin says

      Thanks, hope. It works better than previous mod

  54. raymond umo says

    Admin…. Help o, After i play d 1st match in ultimate team and then it'll prompt me to open some cards but i have to login first… I'm stuck bcos wen i click login it shows origin not available or so. Pls help, that ultimate team is the main reason why I need this game. Raymondumo506@gmail.com

    1. admin says

      That feature doesn't work like before. Ultimate team realy works on fifa 15 and 16 which are online gameplay. Just enjoy the manager mode

  55. Henry Obinna says

    I also downloaded this and it worked fully offline, I and some other game modders made some changes to the game by bringing latest 2017 players to every team, that means there's afifa 14 apk with 2017 players update. Unlocked FIFA 14 Apk With 2017 Players

    The admin can also confirm it's 100% true.

    1. admin says

      For reak? That's a very good and nice work. I'll check it out to see if there's anything i can. Thanks for the info bro

  56. Shadrack Korir says

    Thanks. Finally found a site that has Fifa 14 thats unlocked, works offline. I'm here in Nairobi, Kenya, enjoying the game.

    1. admin says

      Thanks friend for your comment, enjoy your fully unlocked fifa 14 android game

  57. Mop says

    Pls how do i add the latest transfer file 2017 to the fifa 14 folder

    1. admin says

      Its very simple if you downloaded the fully unlocked fifa 14 files here and already rocking it. Delete its data files and then download only the data file of the latest tranfer and extract its folder to your android/ data and play.

  58. Mop says

    Please my commentary is not working…. How do i patch it manually. Thanks for the responds

    1. admin says

      Commentary is %100 working. Ensure you place files in its right place. It works

  59. Anonymous says

    Works perfectly well with Android 6.0.1 Thanks a bunch bro. ��

    1. admin says

      Thanks for you feedback

  60. Osappsbox says

    hey there and thank you for your information – I have certainly picked up something new from right here. I did however expertise some technical points using this site, since I experienced to reload the site many times previous to I could get it to load correctly. I had been wondering if your hosting is OK? Not that I’m complaining, but sluggish loading instances times will sometimes affect your placement in google and could damage your high-quality score if advertising and marketing with Adwords. Anyway I am adding this RSS to my email and could look out for a lot more of your respective exciting content. Ensure that you update this again very soon.. Regards 葫芦侠官网_首页

    1. admin says

      Thanks for your honest feedback. I'll do something about the load time. Thanks

  61. Osama AHameed says

    Hey there admin when I download the data and paused it and restart it next day then it shows not connected and start retrying bro what's the problem please tell me the solution

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Server issues. The server dosnt support pause and resume that long. Its best you download file at once or don't leave it paused for too long

  62. mujeeb osuolale says

    wow!, after weeks of sleepless nyts, I finally got it. thanx very much techvillaz, u people are awesome

    1. admin says

      Thanks for taking the time to return and drop comment. much appreciated

  63. jimjam says

    I tried to launch unlocked fifa 14 but its telling me that could not find resources and yet I have extracted both files and turned on and off wifi.please help

    1. admin says

      “Could not find resource” means that folders where not placed in it’s right place. Extract data folder and place in internal storage/Android/data

      Extract obb folder and place in internal storage/Android/obb

      Then launch game and play… It works

      1. jimjam says

        Waaaah admn I feel lyk I can hug u…its woooorking finally…buh commentary its the one lacking plz help

        1. admin says

          Download data file… It comes with English commentary

          1. jimjam says

            I already had the file coz I downloaded from apk file, commentary file and obb file all separately from this site so that file (commentary file) already exist with that speech file of 464mb and is in the data file buh is not giving commentary in the game and yet music is playing…plz help coz the taste of fifa is that commentary when playing

          2. admin says

            Goto game settings, audio and check if commentary has been turned-on

  64. jimjam says

    Its giving option to download and when I click its saying that servers are not available and I had already turned on my bundles

    1. admin says

      Download the data file from this site again and use. It works

  65. jimjam says

    I mean I thank u all

  66. jimjam says

    Finally its working I that u v much for help in this site and to the adm in this forum

    1. admin says

      Thanks Jimjam for your continues trust in us.. Enjoy your unlocked fifa 14 game and please, don’t forget to hit the share button. Thanks

  67. Ik says

    Hi admin can I use another v136 obb file for d MOD apk

    1. admin says

      Try it and see If it works for you. If it doesn’t, then try and download from here

  68. Ik says

    OK sir. One more question plz was d obb file above modded too?

    1. admin says

      Yep + the data file

  69. Elinam says

    Comment:yes pls I also extract it but I need a password

  70. Gabby says

    Admi, pls I have extracted and copied the folder to internal storage Android/data and obb but when I launch the game it says unfortunately FIFA 14 has stopped. The language is not English when I launched it. I did not use WIFI but mobile data, I need ur help pls.

    1. admin says

      something is done right. download all files from here. install the apk, extract data folder to internal storage/ android/ data. extract obb folder and do same but this time around, placing obb folder in internal storage/ android/ obb. turn on your wifi, launch game and off wifi after

  71. Boi says

    Can it run on lenovo a2010 5.1

    1. admin says


  72. jimjam says

    If I may ask qui to u admn…is there way one can find new kits according to new changes in real clubs?

  73. jimjam says

    Or one can upgrade fifa 14 like in pc you can upgrade fifa from one version to another

  74. Nekroth says

    The third link are dead (obb 1.1gb) pls re-upload :3

    1. admin says

      Sorry about that, i’ll check and reupload if link is truly dead

  75. anonymous says

    Google drive doesn’t let me access saying it is violating there security policies.

    1. admin says

      Link has been fixed

  76. Anonymous says

    Google drive doesn’t let me access saying its violating their policies.what am i supposed to do now?i just want the game.

    1. admin says

      Sorry.. i’ll reupload it to another server

      1. Elinam says

        Pls is GTA V available, and where can I download it pls? For android phone

        1. admin says

          Official GTA V for Android is not yet available but you can download mod gta 5 visa 2 which is more like gta v. Search our site for download

  77. hanson says

    please it is asking for encryption key on mega to downloa

  78. Supratim Nag says

    Please provide the decryption key to download from Mega…

    1. admin says

      Just download advanced downloader for mega and install, then copy the mega file link and paste on the app and your download will begin

      1. Elinam says

        Pls my Gangster vegas, if I open it , they will say Gangster vegas has stop… What should I do

        1. admin says

          The issue could be caused by os version or app incompatibility. Download the game apk latest version and try installing

  79. joe says

    The download needs a decryption key..what is it??

    1. admin says

      Read through comment on how to download

  80. Bassey says

    Pls i mid the decryption key pls

  81. Currency says

    Admin……. Wetin be the decryption key

    1. admin says

      Go download and install advanced downloader for mega apk app and then copy the file link and download via the app

  82. Ayomide says

    I taught this game would never open offline anymore but now the game begs me everyday to stop playing it, Techvilla u re d best.
    But please i want to play the game with the money normal money owned by my team and not max. money.
    admin pls help.

  83. Ayomide says

    Please admin, how can i remove the max. money

    1. admin says

      Its already in the game

  84. Ayomide says

    Please i want to play with the normal money by my team

  85. jayson says

    admin please d apk refused to install saying error

  86. jayson says

    Tanks admin itz working well..

    1. admin says

      Thanks for visiting techvillaz. Enjoy

  87. ismail says

    Update the APK and commentary links,they aren’t working

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      I’ll look into it and update

  88. Abhi says

    Hi admin mine fifa 14 is getting start but the manager mode is still locked .need help .i have followed all the step i placed data files properly and install the apk from this site

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Manager mode still locked? that is not possible, ensure you download files from here. using file from other source with that of this articel will not give the result you need. download all files here

  89. Abhi says

    My android version is marshmallow and i have downloaded data and apk and i already have obb so i didn’t download above obb

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Hello, you have to download all files from here

  90. GEEKPEP says

    woow. thanks. so mucx

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Thanks for your nice comment

  91. Flames says

    Mine isn’t working even after extraction, need ur help.

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      What message are you getting

  92. Muhsin says

    The commentary isn’t working for me by now and I did exactly what you said. Please help me out

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      You are not doing something right

  93. Chigozie says

    Finally I have the unlocked FIFA 14 thanks to techvillaz for that

    1. admin says

      Thanks Chigozie for returning to drop comment… Enjoy

  94. wisdom wan says

    Please i try to login into the ultimate team squad but it doesn’t open any help

    1. admin says

      It will not open because EA Sport removed support from Older FIFA Android game

  95. Ola says

    Thanks a lot

    1. admin says

      Thanks Ola! Enjoy and don’t forget to share the article url with your friends

  96. prem says

    Bro Cant download data file

    1. admin says

      Turn off your ad blocker

  97. Godwin says

    please how do I set commentary. I have the file I downloaded

    1. admin says

      Commentary is already set in English

    2. admin says

      Commentary has already been set to english

      1. Joannis says

        I downloaded everything and placed everything as instruscted yet is still showing black and writing looking for resource to download

        1. admin says

          You did not do the right thing. Ensure both game apk, data and obb was downloaded from this article and you place data and obb folders in its right place. Contact me via WhatsApp if you need further assistance

  98. nnaemeka says

    downloaded everything placed everything as instructed yet the game still showing looking for resources to download

  99. Mykelee says

    The unlocked data file link ain’t working, taking me to one earn money online blah blah blah site

  100. Mykelee says

    Could you upload screenshots to show us where to put them?

    1. admin says

      Its very simple to place the required files. I’ve included instructions at the end of the article

  101. Mykelee says

    So where do I drop the unlocked data file?

    1. Deblessed says

      I have downloaded and installed it successfully. However, it doesn’t run the commentary. I tried to download the English commentary, it keeps giving an error message “failed”. Kindly advise on what to do. Thanks.

  102. Ukele says

    Same old players 🤠 Did as instructed..

  103. Deblessed says

    I have downloaded and installed it successfully. However, it doesn’t run the commentary. I tried to download the English commentary, it keeps giving an error message “failed”. Kindly advise on what to do. Thanks.

    1. admin says

      game file is working properly. kindly download the files using uc browser and then extract them properly and placed extracted folders in its right place..launch game and enjoy

  104. Temimofe says

    How does one know the version of the fifa 14 one is having? I have been enjoying this fifa 14 for months now but i noticed that the manager mode crashes after sometimes if i choose to continually still stay in the club i manage and some times after a season too. If i want it to be functional, i must change to manage another club by force. What could be the cause please? I use an android 5 phone

  105. Emmanuel Solomon says

    Unlocked Data file is not showing download link after clicking

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Use UC Browser to download the file. Also ensure you turn off ads blocker from your UC Browser

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