How To Upgrade Infinix Hot 4 Pro To Android Nougat 7 OS

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The wait is finally over for all Infinix hot 4 pro users who have been patiently waiting for Android nougat 7.0 upgrade to hit their device as previously announced by InfinixMobility.
Infinix Hot 4 pro users can now enjoy the taste of nougat on their device after waiting for a long time. Though the upgrade is a beta version which means it will be getting frequent ota updates till its finally stable. But what was the waiting for if not to test official Android nougat 7 on our Infinix hot 4 pro once its out

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Here in this article you will find Android nougat 7.0 TCard firmware  for Infinix hot 4 pro and also how to install it on your phone.

How To Upgrade Infinix Hot 4 Pro To Android Nougat 7.0

For those who have not gotten the ota update from the their phone or prefer to download the upgrade and manually install, use below method to do so
TCard Method:
#1.  Download Android nougat 7.0 TCard firmware for Infinix hot 4 pro from below link to root of your Sd card
#2.  Goto your app menu to find “System Update” and open it
#3.  Now in system update, click on the 3dot option and click on “Update from local”
#4.  From there, locate your Infinix hot 4 pro Nougat firmware and click on it and proceed to install.
That’s it, your phone will go into recovery mode and install Android 7.0 upgrade to your Infinix hot 4 pro. Wait for it to finish
NOTE: If your phone was rooted and custom recovery installed, do  not attempt TCard method and recovery method because it will crash or brick your phone. Sp flashtool method is highly recommended if your phone was rooted.

TCard version X556-N-TCard-Update-170517V33 – Download
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  1. Are u referring to hot 4 or hot 4 pro? Because on the T.card the model written is x557 not X556.

    1. Please i need to knoa of this is the right Android 7.0 file for infinix hot 4 pro

  2. admin says

    Its for hot 4 pro

  3. desirefaro says


    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Yes you can use it

  4. Haafiz Akande says

    Bro abeg i cant acces ds link, can u paste another link for d file. Pls

    1. admin says

      I'll fix the link ASAP

  5. Yaseen says

    Admin plz fix link google drive error 404 not found

    1. admin says

      Too much traffic on that download link. I’ll upload file to another server..

    2. admin says

      I’ll work on a other link. The file server has more traffic

  6. xyz says

    the link dead

    1. admin says

      File will be uploaded to another server

  7. Math says

    My Tcard number is X5511 can I use it

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