Google PlayStore No Longer Secured Against Malware

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Downloading apps from Google playstore instead of 3rd party source used to be the best prevention against malware attack as Google has its own antimalware bots that scans for any infected apps on playstore and takes them down from both the store and infected phone.

Now, the story is a reverse because playstore isn’t as secured as it used to be before. Hackers have now used different methods of infiltrating the Google playstore without been detected. Recently, there have been multiple reported cases of malware attack on Android devices and most of them are from the Google playstore.

One of the tactics used by hackers is uploading a non infected app to the playstore and later on push the malicious code to already installed app in form of an update. This way, they are able to bypass Google’s security check undetected. This method has been gaining ground as they have been more cases of malware attack on Android devices than ever before.

It’s safe to say Google playstore isn’t as safe as it used to be before. For added security, I will advice all Android users to ensure they have an effective anti-malware app on their smartphones to be on the safer side. Also, to stop downloading apps they don’t really need.

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