Microsoft explains why dual-display foldable device is the next big thing

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Microsoft dual display foldable device – Microsoft explains why foldable device is the next big thing. The tech giant, Microsoft which lost out on mobile believes the time is right for foldable phones to hit the market. ZTE has already launched the Axon M with foldable design, and Samsung is believed to follow suit sometime next year. Microsoft’s own patents indicate that its Surface team might introduce a foldable device next year, and it has now shared details on why the market is ripe for the launch of a device with foldable display.

2017 was the year Microsoft seemed to terminate its smartphone ambitions. It pulled the plug on Windows Phone back in July, and three months later said Windows 10 Mobile was no longer a focus for the company. But judging from a slew of patents, it appears that Microsoft might be planning on releasing more handsets at some point in the future.


Microsoft dual display foldable device

There has been news of a number of Microsoft patents recently, all of which point to a dual-screen tablet-style device similar to its canceled Courier concept from 2009. In the latest patent, the Redmond firm explains that as bezels are now almost non-existent in many flagship handsets, the best way to increase the screen size without making a device larger is through a folding design.

In a patent application spotted by WinCentral, Microsoft notes that our mobile phone displays have increased in size but are yet easy to carry around and pocketable. In order to increase the display size any further, device manufacturers will need to increase the size of the phone as well. This would affect the user experience since it would become cumbersome for users to carry them comfortably.

Microsoft dual display foldable device description

The description for the foldable device also explains that both the display will be face-to-face in a closed position while the the dual-displays will sit back-to-back when fully open. The patent application further illustrates that the dual-display devices will rely on a hinge mechanism which can be problematic to design on such a small device.

According to Microsoft’ explanation, “Along with these enhanced capabilities has come a demand for larger displays to provide a richer user experience. Mobile phone displays have increased in size to the point where they can now consume almost the entire viewing surface of a phone. To increase the size of displays any further would require an increase in the size of the phones themselves. This is not desirable, as users want their mobile phone to fit comfortably in their hand or in a shirt or pants pocket”.

All this comes at a time when the tech giant Microsoft seems to be making good eyes to the possible development of a smartphone that has these qualities. Undoubtedly, 2018 will be key for the firm because although for the moment it is unknown if it is behind a project like this, Microsoft could make it official throughout this year.

Microsoft is known for envisioning wild hardware ideas, but it is often not the first to bring them to market. The Redmond-based company played with the idea of a device combining two screens to fold over like a book in 2008. The device dubbed Microsoft Courier never made it to market, but the time might be right for the company to relaunch the product under its Surface brand.

So, what do you think about this Microsoft dual display foldable device innovation? We will like to read your comments concerning this topic.

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