Apple To Launch A Touchscreen ARM MacBook With 4G LTE

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Apple has always sought to be disruptive in its products and the devices it presents to the world. There are many examples of news made known and everyone sought to follow and even copy. Following this tradition, rumours now appear that it will have new equipment to be prepared, which will be in the final stages of prototypes. The Apple ‘Star’ may soon be a reality.

Apple To Launch A Touchscreen ARM MacBook With 4G LTE

A new rumour has been gaining momentum and realizes that the tech giant Apple may have a new product called Star. This new concept aims to create a new product line and it range from laptop to a tablet with unique and distinctive features. It is said that the new equipment will have touchscreen, 4G connectivity and its processing will rely on an ARM processor.

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There is still information that will it will be having a SIM card slot, GPS and compass. It will be waterproof and will also have the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), the boot system used on Macs. As for the operating system, it is said that you can run an altered version of iOS, prepared for larger screens.

The Star will be similar to a MacBook and as said earlier that it will be a computer that will open the doors to ARM processors in Apple laptops. Several sources in the Apple production chain have revealed that Star will be in a prototype phase at Pegatron, a Chinese company that produces some Apple products, and that several models have already been shipped to Apple for approval.

What if the Apple ‘Star’ is just a big iPhone?

Besides the above info that the Star will be a tablet/laptop, there is another info revealing that after all may be another device. The well-known Mark Gurman has revealed that the N84 will actually be a new iPhone, with a screen of dimensions well beyond what has been seen today. This would be the cheapest version of the iPhone X Plus, which would house a 6.5-inch screen with an iPhone 8 Plus size. It would dispense the home button and be controlled by gestures, in the image of what happens today with the iPhone X.

Though this might be a rumour but never forget Apple always have innovative products and brings new stuffs to the market.

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